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Transcript: Lodewijk de Kruif’s Post-match Interview

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Transcript: Lodewijk de Kruif’s Post-match Interview

Read the transcript of  Lodewijk de Kruif’s interview following Bangladesh’s 2-0 defeat to Nepal in the opening match of the 2013 SAFF Championship.

About the match:

LDK: You cannot win games nowhere in the world if you don’t sort your defense. If you go behind 2-0 in a stage like this, in this stadium, in this crowd, you know you can’t win the game. I think we could see 2 teams with different intentions of playing football. What we want to do is play football allover. Play from one to man keeping possession. The intention is to do it with high tempo and create chances from the side. With Nepal what they do is they go for very quick long ball. Where the ball is dropping they fight and they create chances. When you as a team when you’re not ready to play like that, when you’re not focused 100% there is something wrong with the team and you make decisive mistakes like this, you lose the game.

After long preparation do you think this is devastating for Bangladesh?

LDK: Everybody knows when you work very hard and you put in a lot of energy and a lot of power and a lot ideas, you train in every area on the pitch…everything that is asked in modern football, then you start with a result like this, it is very disappointing.

Your closed door practice did not work well. Do you think Nepal could have won with a better margin like 4-0 5-0?

LDK: When you are ahead at the last 10 minutes, then you have to try something as a team. You take more risks. From there Nepal created a few chances. When you count them it’s 4-0, everyone can count that. The total picture of the game is Bangladesh gave it away in the first 25 minutes of the game.

Do you think Bangladesh can go to the semifinals?

LDK: Of course. We are playing to win. We are very motivated and eager. I just hope it was only a bad day for us, a bad 30 minutes. Tomorrow we will evaluate the game and continue. It is not my style to break on players anyhow and I want to motivate them. Tomorrow we will talk about the match, forget it and prepare for the next.

Something went wrong for unknown reason, what is that?

LDK: when you see the second goal, it’s bad defense organization. We trained for this week after week day after day. And then you see that the ball chipped first on the post by the guy who strike with the left foot.  Then we had someone to clear it. But then he stumbled and couldn’t clear it away. We want to focus and stay on the right track and not what we did in the first 25 minutes.

You beat Nepal 2-0 before this. So do you think Nepal has improved or Bangladesh isn’t good enough?

LDK: for them it was a very good revenge. No doubt about it. I am a sportive man and that was as good as revenge gets.

What is your view on the referee giving away too many cards?

LDK: It’s also difficult for the referee. I am not complaining about the yellow cards. What I will complain about is whistling for very silly things. And then in the last 5 minutes, our keeper comes out sliding straight leg, almost breaking his leg and there is nothing wrong. Those things I cannot understand. But I won’t complain about the referee.



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