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Most Competitive Major European League of 2011-12 Revealed!

Most Competitive Major European League of 2011-12 Revealed!

According to a research conducted by Plaantik, the Italian Serie A is the most competitive tournament among Europe’s top tier football leagues. The study was conducted for the season 2011-12 by evaluating the final standings of English Premier League, Spanish La Liga, Italian Serie A and German Bundesliga, assessing the points gap in each competition.

The values were found by computing the standard deviation and the average of points earned in the respective leagues. Simply put, a high standard deviation value means that a league is less competitive as the point gap is broader – suggesting that the points gap between the elite and lower teams is huge. In contrast, a lower standard deviation value indicates a tighter league table, thus tighter competition.

From our study, we found that Italian Seria A had the lowest standard deviation of 14.81, which means that it was the most competitive European league compared to the other three, followed by Bundesliga and La Liga respectively. The English Premiership is undoubtedly the most watched league in the world, but was found to be the least competitive league with a standard deviation of 17.44. This is because there was a huge points gap between the Manchester sides and the bottom three.

Most Competitive League in Europe:

Pos. League St.Dev
1 Italian Serie A 14.81
2 German Bundes Liga 15.15
3 Spanish La Liga 16.74
4 English Premier League 17.44

Plaantik also studied the competition level of the top four teams from each league. With teams like Dortmund, Bayern, Schalke and Monchengladbach – Bundesliga had the lowest standard deviation of 9.40, indicating its top four clash has been the most competitive. La Liga had the worst count in the top four with a massive standard deviation of 21.14. The Spanish League is indeed a two horse race – Fact!

Most Competitive Top 4 Clashes in Europe:

Pos. League St.Dev
1 German Bundes Liga 9.40
2 Italian Serie A 11.12
3 English Premier League 11.27
4 Spanish La Liga 21.14

Here are some other interesting findings:

League with Most Goals on Average:

Pos. League Goals/Game
1 German Bundes Liga 2.86
2 English Premier League 2.81
3 Spanish La Liga 2.76
4 Italian Serie A 2.56

League Champion with Most Points on Average:

Pos. League (Team) Points/Game
1 Spanish La Liga (Real) 2.63
2 German Bundes Liga (Dortmund) 2.38
3 English Premier League (ManCity) 2.34
4 Italian Serie A (Juventus) 2.21

Team with Most Goals Scored on Average:

Pos. League (Team) GS/Game
1 Spanish La Liga (Real) 3.18
2 English Premier League (City) 2.45
3 German Bundes Liga (Dortmund) 2.35
4 Italian Serie A (Milan) 1.95

Team with Least Goals Conceded on Average:

Pos. League (Team) GC/Game
1 German Bundes Liga (Bayern) 0.65
2 English Premier League (City) 0.76
3 Spanish La Liga (Barca) 0.76
4 Italian Serie A (Juventus) 1.00



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